Soul Fragmentation (and Narcissism)


What is soul?

Soul is the true inner essence of who we really are, source energy expressed through us. Each soul has its own totally unique qualities, characteristics, personality and life purpose that radiate its’ own individuality into the world.  The soul is the eternal spiritual aspect of us that is always within each being, and what we return to being in-between lifetimes.

Three layers of the soul:

  • the Spirit-self
  • the Soul-self
  • the earthly personality


What is soul fragmentation?

Your soul is not complete – it´s fragmented. Part of the soul is not in the same timeline, it´s lost in other space time (Otherworld). The soul  is fragmented caused by trauma. Trauma is always in mental and emotional subtle bodies. After every trauma bigger or minor the portion of the soul fragments. Trauma can be e.g.  rape, abuse, accident, divorce, violence, shock, denial or anger. The soul knows what it can and can’t handle, so it leaves the body as a survival mechanism to protect itself from feeling the fullness of pain.

Portion of the soul don´t return, it needs healing. The more fragmented soul the less soul is left. The most fragmented soul is narcissist, also shadow beings and reptilians belongs to this group.

If soul is extremely fragmented low vibrational dark entities (demons)  enters into body, this causes addicting behavior like gambling, drugs, alcohol, violence and compulsive sex.  Demons possesses them (narcissist). Narcissist doesn´t have enough soul left for soul retrieval.

Hole in your auric field will also leave you susceptible to entities, demons and psychic attack, combining the suffering of soul-loss with suffering from entities. An intact aura can ward these negatives off, but once you have suffered soul-loss you don’t have an intact aura anymore. You are now easy game for any entity happening to be around. Therefore you need to learn to protect yourself from these with metaphysical toolkit (smudging, gems, feather, prayers, essential oils, incenses etc.).

Some symptoms of soul fragmentation are:

  • Physical illness can also be a symptom of soul-loss
  • Gap in memory. Having no memory of your life from a young age through through teenage years
  • Remember trauma but can’t remember the surrounding details
  • Feeling essential part of themselves is missing
  • Chronic depression
  • Unfulfilled
  • Experiencing PTSD
  • Feeling empty
  • Addictions, anxiety, fears, fear of future
  • Continual bad luck or unfortunate happenings
  • Lack of joy and happiness and not knowing why
  • Feeling that ‘something is wrong with me’
  • Emotional numbness
  • Low self esteem and thoughts of suicide


Some other reasons of fragmentation (or soul-loss) are:

  • The soul may leave a child who does not feel loved, or who feels abandoned, by his or her parents
  • Parent’s continual yelling
  • Physical pain of falling off a bicycle
  • Trauma from a car accident
  • A soul might leave the body to survive physical or sexual abuse
  • Being sickly as a child or suffering serious or chronic illness can often indicate soul-loss
  • Coma is an extreme example of soul-loss.
  • Emotional suffering and grief. When a divorce or death occurs, a period of grief usually ensues. After a while, life resumes some semblance of normality. If a person cannot get over the emotional trauma of separation, a piece of the self could’ve been lost.


Healing for soul fragmentation

If the fragmentation is not too big you are able to heal it by your own. Sometimes you are not even aware that your soul is fragmented.

Healing methods;

  • EFT tapping
  • shamanic soul retrieval
  • hypnotherapy
  • energy healing
  • meditation
  • prayer like  “Dear Supreme Being, who art in heaven, please help heal and restore all of my energy and soul back to me so I may become complete, whole, and perfect again as I was with you before the worlds were.”
  • life style changes; no alcohol, no drugs, creative hobby (art, music), vibrant healthy food to raise your frequencies

Soul retrieval requires an experienced guide. Shamans are not the only healers that can perform soul retrieval. Other healing practices such as hypnosis, witchcraft and psychoanalysis all have methods for integrating split-off or lost parts of the self.


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3 thoughts on “Soul Fragmentation (and Narcissism)

    1. Thanks! Yes I have heard about multiple souls but don´t have deep insight for it, yet. One soul stays in physical realms, and others in non-physical realms.


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