What is Ancestral Karma – Part II


Last week I wrote about What is Ancestral Karma Part I, now this is Part II/III.

You can use divinations with the ancestors. You can call Spirit with divination tools like tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, ancestral stones (24 pieces with a different drawing) and I Ching. I Ching is one of the oldest divination tools still available.

Spirit is communicating with us all the time in so many different ways, especially in the visible and tangible realm. One way to receive messages from Spirit is through animals.  When an animal shows up in an unusual way or repeatedly in a short period of time, it is delivering a message.

Healing with the ancestors can heal karma from generations ago and won´t only benefit you but also your descendants, those who are living and those yet to come. Creating family altar and family tree support healing family karma. Family altar can serve the purpose of honoring your ancestors. Create a space for family altar, place a table cloth and photos and/or other artificats from ancestors. Create also family tree if you have needed information, up to seven generations. If you know your ancestors think what kind of feelings they had like fear, love, anger, happiness? This gives you some insights.

Ancestors who were in WWII or were soldiers most probably carried PTSD. Generations can still carry the effects of unhealed trauma. Now when you have more information about your ancestors you have the opportunity to heal yourself. Four signs of PTSD response are intrusive memories, avoidance, negative changes in thinking and mood, and hyperarousal (hard time sleeping and being easily startled). An other big thing affects for generations is family secrets, they appear as feelings like rage, lust, guilt, fear and actions that are unacceptable like incest, addictions, eating disorders. Family secrets have four degrees – First is the most toxic, secrets are deadly and always involve victimizations such as criminal activity.  Second is, those actions that are demoralizing and potentially dangerous such as substance abuse, eating disorders, addictions. Third, toxicity is damaging, as they violate one´s freedom and/or boundaries. Fourth degree, is distressful, includes such items as toxic shame; guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, as well as cultural shame with such things as body issues, social awkwardness and spiritual/religious crisis.

Next week Part III is about how to heal family karma.



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