Soul´s Purpose


Everyone has asked the question  “Why am I here?” maybe more than few times. Buddhist approach to this existing is a little different, main goal is just to be happy, kind and compassionate. But I write about more wide approach to the soul´s purpose.

We are here to learn, grow and change the world.

You will find your Soul´s purpose through your life-challenges, they will guide towards your Soul´s purpose. There are many advises how to find your Soul´s purpose but I prefer stick with Robert Schwartz´s theory, philosophy and experience.

Life-challenges (also called major lessons) are for our personal growth planned already in our pre-birth plan with the soul group.

Example: Learning and healing from a specific life-challenge raises the auric field of the one who has survived from a challenge, e.g. disease > self-healing.

Here are 27 Divine Virtues (life-challenges) by Robert Schwartz:

  1. Faith
  2. Trust
  3. Acceptance
  4. Compassion
  5. Courage
  6. Kindness
  7. Self-love
  8. Unconditional love
  9. Peace
  10. Joy
  11. Gratitude
  12. Empathy
  13. Patience
  14. Self-referencing
  15. Sharing
  16. Reverence for life
  17. Co-operation
  18. Harmony
  19. Balance
  20. Open-heartedness
  21. Humility
  22. Spirituality
  23. Forgiveness
  24. Gentleness
  25. Self-control
  26. Persevarance
  27. Coming into a greater knowing of your strength and power

Main challenges for most of people probably are: faith, forgiveness, compassion, let go of fear (trust), self-love, unconditional love and spiritual growth.

When you start to understand the pre-birth (soul´s plan) plan your view about the life changes completely.  There are no just as co-incidences, wrong relationships or wrong things, everything is planned in pre-birth plan (soul´s plan). There are few exception. If something tragic happens in your life without meant to be happened your soul´s plan will be changed by the soul group. All experiences are contemplated before the incarnation has been chosen. Obstacles will fade when you have learned the lesson e.g. always attracting narcissistic people into your life.

Most souls plan life-challenges to be of service to others. This is good to remember when life and everything around falls apart. The more you understand soul and soul´s plan the easier life will be for you. Absence of something that best teaches its value and meaning.

Pointlessness > Purpose

Punishment > Gift

Burden > Opportunity

As we enter the physical plane, we are love temporarily hidden from itself. When we remember who we really are, our inner light, our love, shines forth for all to see. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE.

If you are interested more about your soul´s plan there are few Divine Messengers/Psychic mediums channeling with spirits in the world who makes Soul Plan sessions.

Much love.

Sari Helen | Soul Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Counseling


Source: Robert Schwartz

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