How to Consciously Cleaning Energy in Home


Removing negative energy from your home raises your vibrational level. Physically cleanse and recharge your home with positive energy with these steps.

  1. Speak and words  – Your home is your temple, be aware of words you use in your home. Consciously cleaning the home will clear the air, and using words with conscious thought will have positive impact. Speak loving words of encouragement, kindness and compassion. Remain aware that what is created daily in the sacred temple of your home nurtures you and your family day and night.
  2. Smudging – Create a cleaning ritual using with white sage to smudge and purify each room.
  3. Clear clutter – Clutter (cupboards, closets, basement) however, promotes stagnant energy and can also attract negative entities. Clutter can also make you feel less motivated and even depressed. Re-organize the furniture.
  4. Freshen your home – Keep your home clutter-free. Place fresh flowers.
  5. Intention –  Apply decorative lettering to the wall, or piece of art that states the intention of what you want to manifest in the home.
  6. Ring a purifying bell – Ring a Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals daily to clear the energy in the home. You can also use singing crystal pyramid or singing crystal bowl or Tibetan singing bowl. The bell vibrates with a pure tone that radiates throughout the home, clearing negative energy and purifying the space.
  7. Crystals –  Crystals are a great way to bring positivity in the home as they can absorb, clear and recalibrate negative energy.
  8. Essential oils & incenses – Diffusing essential oils or burning incense is another great way to cleanse your home and promote positive energy.Frankincense, Jasmine or Sandalwood are great options for incense as they promote protection and the clearing of lower energies. Use essential oils in either a diffuser, oil burner or as a spray.
  9. Lighting and air – Add Himalayan salt lamp to your home. It exudes negative ions, which are similar to the ions created at the beach when the waves hit the shore. These ions generate positive energy and make you feel more relaxed and happy. Open up the windows in the morning. Place fresh flowers or purifying plants to bring positive energy.


Your home is your sacred temple. Keeping it filled with positive energy will really allow you to thrive on your highest path.

Much love,



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