Spiritual Life with “Christmas”


Christmas is splitting people, when some people follow the traditions and other people don´t mind about these at all.  There are different paths also to spirituality like own experience, metaphysics, shamanism and church religion.

If Christmas is distressing to you. Just decide to make Christmas, Festival of Lights or Winter Solstice how you want to.

  • Eat traditional xmas food, or food you want to.
  • Decorate xmas tree, or leave the xmas tree in nature where it belongs.
  • Listen xmas music, or music you want to.
  • Give the gifts, or just send love to people, or do charity to help others.
  • Be with family or friends, or be alone to keep yourself centered in high vibrations.
  • Stay at home, or travel where you want to.
  • Watch Netflix, or watch Gaia.com or study, or read some inspirational book, or write your own book!

Be who you want and meant to be without following the norms, traditions or other people´s opinions.

When you dig deeper you will find what Christmas is really about. And  Jesus’ birth was in June not in December.

Spirituality is also seeing the truth in the world. Finding the truth not just following the norms and collective mass consciousness.

Much love & light,


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