Shifting to 5D

We are at a point where human life on Earth is at a crossroads. It is a turning point for the soul’s experience in incarnate form. While the essence of our being is Divine, the current operating system of mind is producing an experience and expression through the incarnate vehicle that is of a much lower nature in fear, separation, and conflict.

Every soul´s ultimate goal is the ascension to 5D. Dimensions are not places, they are different levels of consciousness. Shifting is inner process which takes time. Within 5D there are 7 different stages.

Ascension is the process of personal awakening where your energy bodies open to embody more of your Divine light into physical form. This process shifts your core vibration into a higher timeline-matrix which many are calling 5D Divine Love consciousness. Here your chakras and energy systems receive an upgrade, dormant DNA becomes activated and you begin to experience more of your true multidimensional nature. Here you naturally access more flow, trust, synchronicity and miracles.

3D (physical plane)  materialistic world – EGO. Beta brain waves 13-30 cps. Everything is based on ego, logical and rational thinking, living in matrix, lower vibrational level, only one timeline is real, Higher Self is not integrated with physical body, karma, polarity, religion, physical healing. Certain emotions keep you in 3D like resentments, fear, whining, self-righteousness, judgment and denial. Processed food and alcohol keep you in 3D.

4D (astral plane) spiritual awakening – SOUL. Alpha brain waves 8-13 cps. Everything is connected to everything, astral travelling, no more karma, claircognizance, self-love, compassion, non-religion, holistic/spiritual healing, higher vibrational level than in 3D. 4D is a “gateway” to 5D.

5D ascension (causal plane)  – HIGHER SELF. Theta brain waves 4-8 cps. Unconditional love, living from the heart-centered, loosing false mindset, access to other timelines, every experience has a higher purpose,  body is lighter – different cell structure (no illness), part of Wholeness, immune to lower vibrations, non-judgement, ego transforms for free spirit, 12 chakras. Universal Christ Light. We are all one.  Love is All. Divine Love.

How to un-plug from the mass consciousness of humanity? Do not drink coffee first thing in the morning, do morning practice like meditation. Change of your habit of watching tv, listening radio, weather, news. Stop watching mass media events. Plant-based food with no alcohol.  Meditating, using positive and uplifting language. Being present and grateful for everything. Keep pineal gland operating. Develop your connection with your Higher Self.

Much love.

Sari Helen | Soul Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Counseling

Copyright© Sari Helen SOULPRENEUR. All rights reserved.


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