Hi lovely Soul,

Thank you for visiting at Journey To Spirituality blog. Decided, actually I was guided by intuition,  to start this blog to share my experiences and thoughts about spirituality focusing largely and twisting with shamanism and metaphysics. The more people are awakening now than ever. Big shift is ahead. I have been on my spiritual path almost 10 years. Took my first steps to spirituality with Louise L. Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer books.

Final wake-up call, re-birth and kick-off to my spiritual awakening was in year 2013 when I was in situation with life-threatening illness. The dis-ease was given (in pre-birth plan) to me to learn my life-challenges like forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance, self-transcendence and let go of fear. I suffered before awakening from “soul-loss”. I have gone through huge transformation in my life. This all has lead after soul searching and spirit guidance to my soul purpose – to help and coach others.

What I have experienced on my spiritual path are among other things OOBE, sleep paralysis, hearing called by my name, doorbell ringing in the middle of might, faced my own demon, syncrhonicities like numbers 11:11, 12:12 & 21:21 constantly, wake up at 3:15am, astral travels, lucid dreams and parallel realm. Spiritual awakening process might take from few months to few years. Spiritual journey is never ending.

Who am I? The eternal soul that lives within. My soul loves peace, harmony, silence, solitude, mountains, cliff and seashore.

I am clairsentient and claircognizant. Awakened. Practicing Buddhism. Omnist. 4D, empath, old soul. My big interest is in soul, soul´s plan, awakening, awareness, 5D and metaphysics. Powerful pull from childhood to shamanism and indigenous people (Native Americans, Aztecs).  I knew from my early childhood that I am different than others, now I understand why, I am connected to something bigger, following my mission in this lifetime.  I am guided by Spirit and Angels.

Soul maintains the same causal body from lifetime to lifetime.

Dharma type; the Educator

Spiritual Archetype; the Healer

Spirit animal totem; Eagle

You don´t have a soul. You are a soul, you have body.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I post once a week here about spirituality, awareness or spiritual healing.

You can contact me with contact form if any questions or thoughts. Would be happy to hear from you!

Much love.