Soul Fragmentation (and Narcissism)

What is soul? Soul is the true inner essence of who we really are, source energy expressed through us. Each soul has its own totally unique qualities, characteristics, personality and life purpose that radiate its’ own individuality into the world.  The soul is the eternal spiritual aspect of us that is always within each being, and […]

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Ho´oponopono – Hawaiin Prayer

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer/mantra used for healing, transformation and increased inner-peace and self-love. It’s a simple powerful way to bring healing and forgiveness into your life. It seeks to bring harmony, love and balance into relationships. It was traditionally used to heal relationships between two or more people. Each person would say the […]

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How to Cleanse Your Aura

What Is the Human Energy Field? The Human Energy Field (HEF), the Human Aura, is an energy field that surrounds human beings. Everyone has this energy field. It is a manifestation of energy, a luminous body, surrounding our physical body from all sides, from above and from bellow.The aura is directly connected to the energy […]

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Etheric Cord Cutting Mantra

What are etheric cords? We all have etheric cords. We are even born with them. Etheric cords (sometimes referred to as ethereal cords, energy cords, and ribbons) are energy structures that connect into your energy bodies (aura, chakras etc.). They extend out of you and connect with other people, places, animals and even objects. Etheric […]

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