Soul´s Purpose


Everyone has asked the question  "Why am I here?" maybe more than few times. Buddhist approach to this existing is a little different, main goal is just to be happy, kind and compassionate. But I write about more wide approach to the soul´s purpose. We are here to learn, grow and change the world. You will … Continue reading Soul´s Purpose

The Dark Night of the Soul

What means "Dark Night of the Soul"? It´s dark mood that is life-shaking and touches the soul itself. The dark night of the soul is a process many spiritual seekers go through at some point in their lives. The dark night is not mentioned that much in spiritual texts and teachings.  Many many times  we are … Continue reading The Dark Night of the Soul

Gayatri Mantra – Universal Prayer

The Gayatri mantra first appeared in the Rig Veda, an early Vedic text written between 1800 and 1500 BCE. It is mentioned in the Upanishads as an important ritual and in the Bhagavad Gita as the poem of the Divine. The Gayatri is the most sacred phrase uttered in the Vedas. Gayatri mantra: OM, BHUR BHUVA SVAHA TAT SAVITUR VARENYAM … Continue reading Gayatri Mantra – Universal Prayer

Spiritual Awakening

At this time, many things are changing in the world (economy, politics, climate, religion, health & food). We live a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before. A lot of people become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change. We are … Continue reading Spiritual Awakening

Ho´oponopono – Hawaiin Prayer


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer/mantra used for healing, transformation and increased inner-peace and self-love. It's a simple powerful way to bring healing and forgiveness into your life. It seeks to bring harmony, love and balance into relationships. It was traditionally used to heal relationships between two or more people. Each person would say the … Continue reading Ho´oponopono – Hawaiin Prayer