Huna Prayer for Abundance


Huna is a Hawaiian word adopted by Max Freedom Long (1890-1971) in 1936 to describe his theory of pseudoscience linked to ancient Hawaiian teachings. Long claimed to have learned a secret tradition from Hawaiian friends while working as a school teacher in Hawaii. He founded the Huna Fellowship in 1945 and, starting in 1948, published … Continue reading Huna Prayer for Abundance

Meditation for Higher Vibration

Meditation is beneficial for everyone. There are no right or wrong way to meditate. Everyone has own individual way for meditation. However I want to share with you my meditation exercise if you might find in helpful for you. Spiritual benefits of meditation; Effortless transition from being something to merging with the infinite and recognizing … Continue reading Meditation for Higher Vibration

How to Consciously Cleaning Energy in Home


Removing negative energy from your home raises your vibrational level. Physically cleanse and recharge your home with positive energy with these steps. Speak and words  - Your home is your temple, be aware of words you use in your home. Consciously cleaning the home will clear the air, and using words with conscious thought will … Continue reading How to Consciously Cleaning Energy in Home

Soul´s Evolution

The soul’s journey is really a process of evolving. This means growing in consciousness, steadily progressing through different levels or stages of consciousness. How do we grow in consciousness? Through taking on challenging experiences in physical form. These cause us to make important, “soul-searching” choices and call upon us to discover our inner resources. But … Continue reading Soul´s Evolution

Soul´s Purpose


Everyone has asked the question  "Why am I here?" maybe more than few times. Buddhist approach to this existing is a little different, main goal is just to be happy, kind and compassionate. But I write about more wide approach to the soul´s purpose. We are here to learn, grow and change the world. You will … Continue reading Soul´s Purpose