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Wishing amazing year 2020 to you! During Jan-Feb "Follow" button will be removed from this blog. If you wish to follow blog posts and receive other content for healing (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels) what I offer to my community, please, subscribe and get FREE ebook. Subscribe monthly newsletter here.   Much love. - … Continue reading Subscribe and get FREE ebook

New Year 2020

Year is changing here at Northern Hemisphere after 6 hours from now. It´s good to look back for 10 years and reflect what experiences you have faced. Feel gratitude to all of them even to challenging ones. They have been the life lessons. Instead of making lots of resolutions or intentions, do one intention - … Continue reading New Year 2020

Winter Solstice – The Veil is thin Now

There are two solstices; winter and summer. The two solstices occur on June 21 and December 21. Whether it is a summer solstice or winter solstice depends on which hemisphere you are in. Summer solstice is in Southern Hemisphere today and winter solstice in Northern Hemisphere tomorrow.  The day is the shortest here in Northern … Continue reading Winter Solstice – The Veil is thin Now

Energy Balance between Female and Male Energy

Every soul has a certain percentage of male and female energies despite of the gender of physical body.  Soul´s female/male energy ratio remains constant from lifetime to lifetime. Most of us have imbalance with these energies. It is not possible to measure these energies but you recognize yourself which one is dominant if you see … Continue reading Energy Balance between Female and Male Energy

5D Symptoms

The 5D is a level of consciousness.  We move into this level of consciousness after Self Realization has occurred. More people are shifting to 5D. There are different kind of symptoms during this ascension shift. You have probably experienced some of those. There are physical, emotional, mental and psychic symptoms. Here are mentioned some of those symptoms … Continue reading 5D Symptoms