Alcohol and Spirituality


Alcohol has appropriately been names “spirits” since its introduction into the human society experiment. It can be used as a high but also has an after affect of bringing a person into a very low place. As we continue to raise our vibration, we may find that alcohol does more harm – lowers vibration, numbs physics sense, creates energetic holes in aura – than good, and that our body begins to reject it more and more.

Alcohol is derived from ‘al-Kuhl’ which is an Arabic word meaning “body eating spirit.” Also, this word is the root of the English word ‘ghoul’ which means an evil demon that eats human bodies of children or stolen corpses.

The metaphors for ‘life water’ and ‘spirit’ are the words ‘alembic’ and ‘alcohol,’ and they usually refer to a purified liquid that came from the Middle Eastern alchemy. And, Paracelsus used the word ‘alcohol’ for a fine powder as well as an explosive liquid.

As you begin to awaken to how we have been manipulated in keeping our vibrational frequency down (mainstream media, food, drugs, alcohol, cosmetics) , it becomes hard to go against the “norm” in society. Being responsible for your vibrational frequency is hard to do amongst friends who drink. The younger generation is making this shift in consciousness faster than ever and alcohol seems to be the biggest choice for the resulting anxiety issues (with marijuana coming in second).

Here are some key points about alcohol from a spiritual perspective:

  • Ability to attract black energy
  • Increases spiritual vulnerability
  • Possession becomes more likely
  • Impact of an alcoholic on his family
  • Solution to overcome addiction to alcohol. Through spiritual research, it is  found that 40% of the reason behind addiction is due to a spiritual root cause. Problems which have their root cause in the spiritual dimension can only effectively be overcome by spiritual remedies.

Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

“In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. Hence its’ use in extracting essences for essential oils, and the sterilization of medical instruments. By consuming alcohol into the body, it in effect extracts the very essence of the soul, allowing the body to be more susceptible to neighboring entities most of which are of low frequencies (why do you think we call certain alcoholic beverages “SPIRITS?”). That is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often black out, not remembering what happened. This happens when the good soul (we were sent here with) leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate. The good soul jettisons the body, staying connected to a tether, and a dark entity takes the body for a joy ride around the block, often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage. Our bodies are cars for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity.” – Jason Christoff

This short footage opens more about this subject:

It is not a coincidence that alcohol has often been referred to as spirits. There is a deep history behind this intoxicating substance. There are layers of information throughout our culture, sometimes we have to look below the surface of things to find the fullness of truth.

What effects toxins and neurotoxins have to our brains, brain cells and other organs in human body? Why alcohol has a big role (almost) in every movie? Why the real spiritual teachers don´t use alcohol?

If you want to dig deeper I suggest the book “Man´s Eternal Quest” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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